5- Day Masterclass Series


Argue less. Communicate with ease. Resolve issues for good.


Join Dr. Chavonne for this free 5-Day Masterclass Series where you'll learn the mindset and skills to communicate more effectively as a couple.


3 Major Communication Mistakes (and why they keep happening)

Most people can name the elements of healthy communication, YET, they don't apply them consistently. Learn more about the mistakes you are making and WHY they keep happening so you can get to the root causes.


3 Strategies to Keep You From Arguing (even when you're pissed)

Arguments only happen when you are angry, feel unheard, and are trying to get your point across. You'll learn how to use your emotions in a positive way so that arguing isn't necessary to get through to each other.


3 Skills for Better Communication (that you'll actually remember in the moment)

My clients are always asking, "but how do you remember to use the skills in a heated moment?" Now you're getting the inside scoop for how to make using healthy communication skills your norm, so that you're not facing a constant uphill battle.

DAY 4: February 26 | 9pm EST

3 Tools to Keep Calm (that you'll actually WANT to use)

Let's be honest, sometimes it feels better in the moment to lash out at your spouse. You need them to know how wrong they are. So in order to actually keep yourself calm, you've got to have an EQUALLY powerful motivator. I'll be sharing 3 that will make remaining calm so much easier for you.

DAY 5: February 28 | 9pm EST

3 Ways to Create Safety and Vulnerability (so you feel seen and heard)

At the core of all communication issues are two people who want to feel seen and heard. Being able to come to each other with your needs and concerns is the whole point of partnership. You'll learn now to do that effectively so that you form a real heart-to-heart connection when you talk.

Good communication in a marriage requires a skill set that ANY couple can learn.

In this 5-Day Masterclass Series, we will get to the root of your communication issues, reverse your bad habits of reacting, and equip you with new, more positive strategies that help you understand each other and get on the same page more easily.

It's perfect for the couple that:

  • wants to argue less and reduce the amount of conflict they experience
  • recognizes the need to do things differently and is open to learning new ways of communicating
  • approaches issues in very different ways, but ultimately wants to find positive solutions together
  • is in a cycle of lashing out and shutting down that makes talking about hot button topics very difficult
  • often has misunderstandings and spends too much time frustrated with each other
  • knows that if the communication is improved, the marriage will be so much better

During our time together, you will receive the information and perspective you need to create positive shifts so that you can have more conversations that end on a positive note.

You will walk away knowing:

-how to start conversations in a way that reduced tension and defensiveness

-how to listen to each other even when you really want to get your point across

-how to express your feelings in a way your spouse can understand and appreciate

If communication breakdowns are a sore spot in your marriage, this Masterclass Series will move you in a better direction.

Don't miss your chance to get some valuable tools in your hands and have your next conversation go so much better.


There will be replays available for anyone who signs up.

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I’m Dr. Chavonne Perotte, life & marriage coach, author, podcast host, and creator of The Marriage UpGrade.

I help high achieving couples communicate better and spend more time getting along.

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