Love your life + marriage again.

I show you exactly how to do that.


Your husband is a GOOD man.

Your life together looks good.


He's committed to your family.

He's an excellent provider.

He's a wonderful dad.

On the surface, there's nothing to complain about.

But you know that something is just not working about your marriage together.

You feel disconnected.

Your communication is off.

You see things from completely different perspectives.

Those things about him that once felt like amazing qualities, now drive you completely crazy.

You sometimes wonder if you married the right person.

Things have taken a turn and the dynamics between you now are creating so much unhappiness in other areas of your life.

There is a heaviness you carry.

You're often disappointed that he's not responsive or in tune with your needs.

You live like roommates, with little intimacy or meaningful connection.

It seems like you've tried everything. Talking. Praying. Compromising. Talking some more. But you still feel the same at the end.

There is a part of you that knows there must be a some way out of this place because you still want your marriage. It was once sooo good. You want to find that place again.

You're looking for something that will move you forward, even if you're the only one doing that work right now.

Take a DEEP BREATH. You are in the right place now.

I know exactly what you are going through. I was there once, too.

My own marriage started out as a dream come true. I loved EVERYTHING about my husband and thought he was the PERFECT person for me. We complimented each other in every way. We were the BEST of friends.

And then...we were not.

Shifting my own marriage in a more positive direction took a lot of trial and error. I wanted him to change. I wanted him to get it. I wanted US to do the work together.

When none of that worked, I was left with only one solution.

Me and God.

I became aware of how I was contributing to the issues and took responsibility for my part.

I learned so many skills and tools that helped me be in control of how I felt and how I experienced my marriage.

I now know that having a marriage you love is NOT about what your husband is doing, but more about who you are being and how you are thinking.

When we are operating at our highest capacity and as the person God created us to be, when our minds are focused on what's working, our marriage is one of the greatest sources of joy in our life.

And now, I get to help my clients create that for themselves in their own marriages time and time again.

I know exactly how to help you too.

My 6-month private coaching program that is created for the wife, just like you, who is willing to look within for answers.

You've been blaming him and waiting for him to change for so long, and are ready for a different approach.

You're looking for the things you can do to create a different dynamic in your marriage.

You are open to seeing things from a new perspective and want to shift your thinking so that you can feel better and then show up better in your marriage.

You are committed to doing your part to improve your relationship.

Your faith, coupled with the right guidance and actions will leave you and your marriage in a better place.    

Something better is absolutely possible for you. I can help you get there.

It starts with one conversation:

I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation call with me to talk more about how my coaching approach can help you.

During this call you will have my undivided attention as you share some of the issues that concern you in your marriage and how they are affecting the rest of your life.

We will then spend some time talking through what it is you want to create moving forward. You'll get to dream and tell me all about your hopes and goals for yourself and the relationship with your husband.

I'll share with you my perspective on what it will take to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I'll give you a detailed explanation for why what you've tried in the past has not worked and share with you exactly what new approach to take in order to experience progress.


If we both feel like working together is the best next step, I'll share all of the details for how that can happen.

Schedule your complimentary call here.

You deserve to have a life + marriage you love.

What feels so hard right now can be made easier when you have a new set of skills, awareness and insight.

The challenges you face now can be the biggest lessons and personal growth opportunities for an amazing life and marriage down the road. God has already promised you that all things are working for your good.

One of the most important steps in that journey is saying yes to the right help. 

In my 6-month private coaching program you build a loving foundation for your marriage by creating transformation within yourself.

You will learn how to stop being so hard on yourself, and cultivate a deep sense of self-love, compassion and acceptance.

You will learn how to better manage your emotions so that you are not as impatient, frustrated and angry at your circumstances and your husband.

You'll heal some of your own hurt and release the resentment that has hardened your heart and is creating distance between you two.

You'll learn ways to cool down the tension so that a loving connection can be re-established.

You will finally have the skills to have productive conversations and create an ease and safety when talking with each other.

Soon you'll find that you like yourself a whole lot more.

You'll feel confident in who you are and intentionally pursue what you want.

You'll be more accepting and understanding of your differences.

Soon you'll find that it's easier to listen and talk to each other better.

Soon you'll start enjoying the time you spend time together.

You'll laugh together. You'll have fun again.

You'll feel like friends again who are on the same team working together.

You'll have a life you love. That creates a marriage you love. With a husband you love.


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