Masterclass for Couples

How to Talk Without Arguing



What if you and your spouse could have any important conversation and it not end up in an argument?

You CAN.

There is a certain mindset, and a set of skills that will get you there.

And I will show you exactly what to do differently.

Most couples think their communication issues are due to not listening, needing to be right, different upbringings, or unmet expectations. 

These things are definitely happening, but none of them are the real causes.

Arguments are the coming together of 4 specific factors.

I’ll break each one down for you, and show you the solutions that will help you consistently talk without arguing.

You will learn what’s actually going wrong when you and your spouse argue, and how to clear up that undesirable dynamic so you can have more calm and peaceful conversations.

You will understand EXACT root causes for all of your arguments, the specific shifts that need to take place, and the exact skills that will make a tangible difference.

This Masterclass will set you up to be able to talk about any important issue without needing to walk on eggshells, without someone becoming defensive and shutting down, and without things escalating to become a contentious argument.

If you are tired of being stuck, having the same arguments, feeling the same frustrations, this Masterclass will move you forward and get you to a better place.

You CAN talk about anything without arguing.

This Masterclass is specifically designed for the couple that wants to:

  • learn how to have conversations where you both feel heard
  • avoid unnecessary arguments about things that don't matter
  • feel like loving partners instead of fierce opponents
  • solve your marriage issues in a respectful, healthy way
  • know how to disagree without saying mean, hurtful things
  • get on the same page about important decisions (parenting, career, work-life balance, finances)

During our time together, you will be guided through the exact process to get out of the bad habits that create contentious conversations, and take new steps to build the kind of communication you really want.

You will walk away knowing:

-exactly why what you've been trying hasn't worked, and why you've remained stuck

-the 4 specific changes you need to start making to more effectively communicate with each other

-the mindset shifts necessary to sustain positive changes in how you talk to each other

And if we've never met before, Hello There.

I’m Dr. Chavonne Perotte, life & marriage coach, author, podcast host, and creator of The Marriage UpGrade.

I help couples love each other well. My work centers on helping you communicate better, connect more deeply, and genuinely love being married again.

To learn more about my work and listen to my podcast visit me at