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Dr. Chavonne Perotte

Getting Started

The things you tell yourself matter.

They shape everything about how you experience your life and marriage.

They influence how you feel and how you show up.

Right now, may feel like things are not going well with your husband.

You are not getting along.
There's so much tension.
You live like roommates.

But when that's all you think about, things easily go from not so well to going downright horribly.

But not because they are actually horrible.

More so because you've convinced yourself that they are horrible.
It's all you think about.

But here's what you need to know:

What you think is NOT always reality.

You have a lens that colors everything you see.
A set way of interpreting things that's unique to you.
Right now that perspective is leaning toward disappointment.

For example, your husband could decide to watch TV by himself without explicitly inviting you, and you tell yourself, "he doesn't care. I'm not a priority to him."

As a result, you feel neglected or rejected.

So you go to your separate corner of the house, and find something else to do.

Then you have a little bit of an attitude with him.

He, sensing your mood, keeps his distance.

You then use that as further evidence that he doesn't care, and that you're not a priority to him.

And this all proves how horrible your marriage is.
You continue to feel horrible.

But what if we re-wind this story a bit?

Say your husband still decides to watch TV and doesn't explicitly invite you to join him.

This time you think, "Mmm...I'd like to hang out with him, and watch TV too.

So you invite yourself.
He does not ask you to leave.
He chats with you about the show when it's over.
You find what you both liked.
You have a good laugh.

You feel content.

Then the next week, he asks if you're coming to watch it with him again.
And soon it becomes your thing together.

No pressure.
Just two people enjoying a TV show together.

This reality was created by just one simple shift.

You focused on what you WANTED, instead of what you lacked.

ONE simple change of thought.

That you acted on.

The things you tell yourself matter.

Tell yourself a story you WANT to be true.

Do the things that support that desired reality, instead of the horrible one.

And you'll have a much better experience in your marriage.

P.S. This is the exact way that you create a better experience in your marriage.

I will teach you how to do this in a way that works for you.

It's not magical thinking.

It's intentional thinking.

And when you are thinking intentionally, you show up intentionally.

You know how to handle your triggers.
You know how to keep yourself calm.
You know how to separate your emotional reactions from what's really true.

Whether you are doing this work by yourself, or together as a couple, your marriage WILL get better.

This mindset work is the piece you've been missing.

I will show you what a difference it makes.

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